Get rid of the Stigma

As I read articles, watch influencers on Instagram and YouTube, it’s becoming more and more apparent that… MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES AND STRUGGLES ARE REAL. The toll that our daily activities are taking on us are literally going to make this generation go over the edge. But, it can’t be all social media, right? My twoContinue reading “Get rid of the Stigma”

What Historical Ideals of Women’s Shapes Teach Us About Women’s Self-Perception and Body Decisions Today | Journal of Ethics | American Medical Association

The Body Issue is a graphic memoir exploring cultural and social influences on women’s self-conception and decisions. — Read on

What is shame?

Where does shame come from? Why is it something that follows us wherever we go? Where does shame come from and how to deal with it Where does shame come from and how to deal with it — Read on

What does depression look like?

A common misconception about depression is someone in bed crying all day, with no desire to live. While that may be true for some, there are those that seem “normal”. Brave faces go to work, smiling and laughing throughout the day, with the possibility of drinks after hours. It is only when they get homeContinue reading “What does depression look like?”